Apolloss Tea

Apolloss - Special Herbal Weight Loss Green Tea For Accelerating Metabolism

Apollos is a natural weight loss reduction supplement that consists of a special combination of healthy herbs. Apollos is used for weight loss and it works by improving and accelerating your digestion. It also fastens the process of fat breakdown. Apolloss tea is mostly used for reducing the excess fat in your belly. This tea has the ability to convert excess fat into energy by increasing the production of fat breakdown hormones.

If you keep on consuming the Apolloss tea for a few weeks it will already make your feel lighter and the best part is, it acts as a natural detoxification agent that cleans the blood from all impurities and clears out the clog in the blood vessels. This special blend of herbs also has the ability to remove foreign parasites and toxins from your body. 

It also helps you to suppress your appetite and helps you reduce the craving for unhealthy food items. And from the Apolloss opinion which was given by the people who consumed this bio tea, it is clear that there are no possible side effects and even after months of consumption it did not cause any dislike over the tea. And with Apolloss you can lose 8 to 12 Kg per month easily.

Green tea is the best natural beverage

In recent research conducted by weight loss experts, it is found that tea is the most consumed liquid next to the water. There are different kinds of tea but when it comes to the best tea it is green tea and the best green tea is Apolloss tea. This success is due to its various health benefits, such as accelerating your metabolism and promoting energy levels. And it is considered to be an excellent natural solution for losing weight. Even doctors suggest this tea to diabetes patients because of its ability to maintain blood sugar levels.

What are the health benefits of using Apolloss?

Daily consumption of green tea has several other benefits to your body both psychologically and physically. The other gains in consuming green tea are;

  • Reduces bad cholesterol levels.
  • Quickens the metabolism in your body.
  • Supports in regulating the sugar level.
  • Enhances brain function up to a certain extent.
  • Advances fat consumption by the muscle.
  • Reinforces the immune system and helps you fight new diseases.
  • It helps to develop a vision.

Productive Ingredients used in Apolloss

The Amazing green tea formula used in Apolloss is patented and today we are going to look into the best functioning ingredients.

Green Tea

This special green tea leaf is obtained from an exotic berry Schisandra which contains caffeine and accelerates digestion. IT also cleanses the blood and removes bacteria and toxins from our bodies. 


Nettle is one of the most powerful ingredients which is responsible for increased secretion of urine and thus eliminating all the possible chances of water weight in our body and helps maintain our physique.


The leaves of mint play an important role in weight reduction. It stabilizes your body metabolism and helps you to lose weight in a good way.


Olive extract is considered to be the most healthy oil on the whole earth and it is rich in antioxidant compounds. It reduces the density of fat and prevents increased calorie consumption by reducing your carving.

Apolloss Detox Tea

Instructions to consume the tea

Preparing Apolloss tea is very convenient because it’s just like brewing normal tea instead of using this exotic supplement. Unlike other weight loss products, Apolloss does not require you to give it a specific time in your day to day activity. All you have to do is to replace your morning and evening coffee schedule with this herbal tea.

While consuming the best west loss supplement you have to be very cautious because, if you don’t consume the tea for a minimum of 1 month then you won’t be able to attain permanent results. Follow the steps and do as mentioned.  It is suggested to consume the tea while it is hot. In the first few days of usage, it will start flushing out all the toxic compounds from your body. In the second week, the bio-tea will start working on all the fat accumulation in your body.

Here are the steps for you to prepare the best green tea ever:

  • Brew the famous Apolloss bio tea just the way you make your regular tea.
  • Before breakfast, you should consume one cup of this green tea and in the evening drink another cup. 
  • Consume the detoxifying drink for a month to see visible weight loss results.

Buy the amazing Apolloss from home

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Natural green tea is the best for weight loss and the best of them all is Apolloss Bio Tea.

Apolloss is the best weight loss green tea that is recognized throughout the world.

You can lose a minimum of 5 kg in one month to a maximum of 12 kilograms.

Yes, green tea boosts metabolism and promotes digestion.